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[It is really cold in Saffron City right now, but that's not doing much to keep the Supreme Overlord of Ice from being his ridiculous self outside today. And though he's not drawing attention to it yet, he doesn't seem to be alone today since in the background his travel partner Hagakure can be seen trying to photobomb Gundam's post by waving at the camera while also attempting to hold a blanket full of Exeggcute...and then promptly nearly spilling them all over the pavement as they begin to tumble out of his arm.]

It seems my preparations were more than enough. For you see-

[Hang on, he's going to turn back to see what all that noise is in the background, and...why isn't he even remotely surprised?]

Careful! To drop them would be create calamity!

[He's just going to to try and help with the not spilling tiny egg Pokemon all over the ground. Let's do that instead of proclaiming victory.]

I-I got it, man! Just do your post!

[The last thing Hagakure wanted to do was steal Gundam's thunder since this is a huge victory! But it's very clear that he really doesn't have it, and they would've been dealing with some sunny side-up PokeEggs if it wasn't for Gundam's help. Once the eggs are safely back in the blanket, Hagakure slinks into the background again, shoving his face into the blanket of eggs in embarrassment.]

Very well then.

[He'll just pick up where he left off, but not before checking once again to make sure everything's in there and that hopefully Hagakure didn't break them with his face or something.]

It seems that my preparations were more than enough. For you see, not even precognitive powers were enough to thwart the advance of the mighty Tanaka Empire!

[And he'll just hold the Marsh Badge up to the camera now because yes, that's what all this nonsense is about.]

If you wanna know the tips I gave him to get around Psychic types, just contact Yasuhiro Hagaku--ow!

[This time Hagakure's getting bonked in the face by one of his eggs for purposefully interjecting this time. He can be heard whimpering. "Okay, okay, I'll be quiet!" to the eggs while Gundam continues.]

And we shall continue discussing this matter later!

[The feed ends there as he turns around to help Hagakure with his continuing egg dilemma.]

{OOC: Since it's a joint post, responses will be coming from both characters!}
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[When the feed starts, Gundam's holding the Soul Badge up to the camera...and wearing one of those scarves Chihiro was offering a week ago.]

Such a confounding challenge. Though I suppose I should have expected as match from the toxic terrors lurking within the Gym's walls.

[He might've had some problems with the invisible walls. Apparently his so called All Seeing Eye didn't really do him much good there.]

Next, I shall prepare for challenging the precognitive powers of the Saffron City Gym. It seems that even I, Gundam Tanaka, the Supreme Overlord of Ice, can become a creature of routine now that our ominous October is at an end.

[ was probably a lot worse than ominous, but ominous October sounds cool and spooky doesn't it?]

What I would like an answer to is thus, has the same happened to the rest of you, or do you still tremble in fear at the otherworldly forces that transformed this world?

[He probably could've picked a less intimidating way to ask that, but then well, he wouldn't be Gundam, would he?]
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[So today on the Gear, there's a broadcast from Gundam and he seems to be disturbed by something. More so than normal anyway.]

What sort of ill omen is this?

[He turns the camera towards a pile of Pokemon eggs. Yes, he's done this before. He's shown off his Pokemon eggs and claimed they're some sort of harbinger of doom and so on and so forth, but this is different!]

These were the ones I had planned to offer to any who dared seek out such things, but these...

[The camera turns towards another set of eggs.]

These remain beyond the sight of even my All Seeing Eye!

[ other words, he has no idea which Pokemon of his were responsible for those eggs over there.]

However, if some of you wish to find out for yourselves exactly what sort of creature could do such a thing, then I suppose I could part with them as well.

[The feed ends there, but a short while later a list of eggs goes out, with the ghost types being listed as ?????]
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[So, somewhere in Pokemon land, during all the chaos, this stage has appeared. And who better to find it, than Gundam Tanaka, the very person who said, he'd been looking for an appropriate stage to truly showcase the historical certainty that would be the battle between him and his so-called rival.

And since he's now found that stage, he's absolutely going to send Bandou a message, letting him know about it. Which consists of a single text along the lines of:]

I have found our stage. Arrive if you dare.

And along with the text are directions to it which is apparently on...the same route Bandou was on before. The one that Gundam said wasn't a fitting location for these things. It's funny how things work out that way sometimes.

Anyways, should he show up, he'll find Gundam waiting for him and well...looking about the same as he always does.]

So the lamb arrives to his own slaughter.

[And that's basically his way of saying hi.

...of course if you're not Bandou and have happened to stumble across this weird thing because it's sort of hard to miss, you'll get an entirely different reaction along the lines of a startled face and something dramatic and ridiculous like WHAT MYSTICAL FORCE HAS SUMMONED YOU HERE?! because well, it's Gundam.]
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[And once again there's a pile of eggs being broadcast from Gundam's Gear because that seems to be about all he ever broadcasts to people.]

This is the third time I have had such things to offer to the rest of you. With that combined with the recent appearance of those luminous feathers, one must wonder if it is a sign of good fortune...or an omen of imminent disaster. Truly, such things could indeed be a harbinger of the end.

[Because he apparently also has to always do the thing where he acts like a Pokemon egg is going to hatch into some sort of demonic hellbeast and devour its trainer.]

If you are truly brave enough to see which it may be, then perhaps you are capable of taking one of these unborn creatures as your own.

[And then about a minute later a surprisingly normal egg list follows.]

{OOC: Still plenty of eggs left if anyone still wants them!}
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[Today, there's some prerecorded footage from Gundam's gear. It seems to consists of his Pokemon: most notably Dedenne, Emolga, and Pikachu squaring off against Misty's team. It's pretty much your average Pokemon battle, but once it's over, Gundam decides to talk about well, pretty much as only he can.]

Today is a momentous occasion! For today marks the day that my menagerie of terror vanquished my newest foe by calling down the elements themselves from the heavens!

[He won a badge with electric attacks.]

Though truly it was only a minor test of their abilities.

[He had a type advantage, so it wasn't like Brock where it took a while to get past him.]

But it leads me to wonder if this is a portent of things to come. If the other Proving Ground of Trials I may meet in the future are all incapable of providing a proper challenge, then I must truly wonder what they have to offer!

[He means Gyms and he's wondering if the other ones are going to be this easy.]

Then again for a fiend such as I, I suppose their failings are to be expected.

[Because he is Gundam Tanaka, etc., etc.]

{OOC: Badge was mod approved!}
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[So much like with November's egg extravaganza (it really wasn't), the feed displays Gundam standing next to a bunch of eggs. A bit more than last time though. Last time there was about five, this time there's sixteen. So that's a bit of a step up.]

It has happened again.

[His tone seems to indicate that this is a big important deal...despite the fact that eggs are a pretty common sight on the Gear. But then again these are eggs being sold by Gundam Tanaka, so to him that's a bigger deal than other egg announcements.]

Though this batch should be quite different than the last. Far more fearsome. Perhaps too fearsome.

[He's just sort of rambling. Feel free to ignore that.]

Perhaps they are even cursed beings, born under an unlucky star invisible to the mortal eye!

[...yeah, this is just a long rambling way of saying some probably have egg moves. That's all.]

If you wish to obtain one, tread with caution or you may risk your own destruction. However with the selection available, such a terrible fate should prove unlikely.

[For those actually paying attention to his nonsense, he just sort of contradicted himself.]

So if you wish to claim one, state your intentions clearly. Otherwise the consequences could be dire.

[...and the feed ends there.]

{OOC: Eggs are listed here! And there's still plenty available!}
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What sorcery is this?

[On the screen is one Gundam Tanaka who seems to be slightly, okay more than slightly, alarmed by the recent Christmas surprise.

Oh, and an egg.]

This...this...egg appears to have burst forth from the void itself, seeing as it is neither one of the ones I have recently obtained nor is it one that my fearsome creatures have produced.

[ far as he knows anyway.]

I have yet to experience such a thing, even though I have seen things that would drive any mere human mad. So my question is this, what sort of unimaginable terror slumbers within, and what unseen foe could have concocted such a devious scheme?

[Seriously, where did this come from?]

I demand you make yourself known, so that you may face your own undoing at the hands of I, Gundam Tanaka!

[...or so he can ask where the hell the egg came from. That's way more likely.]
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[When the feed clicks on there's about five eggs. Probably not the most exciting feed in the world, but it could be worse.]

As even those who remain blind to the intricacies of this world can see, my creatures have decided to increase their number. And have done so by taking it upon themselves to create the mysteries you see before you.

[Is there a wordier way of saying “my Pokemon laid eggs?”]

And while I am more than capable of dealing with any challenges that may arise from raising such creatures, I have decided instead to make the world an offer.

[He turns the camera towards himself so that he can deliver said offer face to...screen, whatever. It's close enough to having a face to face conversation as far as he's concerned.]

And that offer is thus, if you feel that you can handle such a challenge, you may claim one of them. But be forewarned, your arrogance may in fact be your undoing. Given their parentage, who knows what sort of terrors may lurk within those unassuming shells.

[He grins and ends the feed there having...threatened everybody that raising baby Pokemon is probably hard work, or however that's going to come across.

...and of course, now it occurs to him that maybe he should've mentioned what they might be. Oh well. If anybody asks, he'll be happy to explain it.]

{OOC: There's still some eggs here if anybody's interested!}
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Though the path may have been difficult, you have have managed to reach Gundam Tanaka. State your intentions for doing so if you so dare.

001 | Video

Oct. 6th, 2014 01:18 pm
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I demand the foul creature responsible for this demented illusion reveal itself at once!

[Because he has no idea what's going on. Help. Please someone help. What is this? Why is that woman claiming to be his mother?]

For you see, while your powers of obfuscation are almost impressive, they mean nothing to a being such as myself!

[Translation: something weird is going on, and he noticed that. Which he already made clear with the previous sentence, so he's just sort of repeating himself. Because he needs to stress how weird this is and at the same time act like it's not.]

Therefore, I, Gundam Tanaka, demand you reveal yourself so that we may do battle on a scale that brings the very foundation of this world to its knees! Appear before me so that I may crush you as a demonstration to the astounding creature I have just received!

[In other words, he just got a Pokemon. And he has no idea what it is, but throwing an untrained animal into a chaotic situation is just asking for trouble.]

And do not even think of ignoring me. Otherwise, I will be forced to unseal power that would make the very heavens themselves tremble with fear!

[Demented laughter ensues, but he really hopes someone responds because he needs some information here.]

If you think that stealing my familiars has left me incapable of channeling such power, then think again! Such a foolish mistake has done nothing but ensure your own destruction!

[...because he would really like his hamsters back. This Pokemon is cute and all, but he needs those back. Seriously, where did they go?]


Oct. 5th, 2014 06:46 pm
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How am I doing with Gundam here? Good? Bad? Super High School Level Awful? If you have any comments or criticisms about my playing, feel free to leave them here.

Anon's enabled, IP logging is off, and screening's on!


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